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Academy Sports & Outdoors

Academy Sports & Outdoors will the primary sponsor for the 2022 MSCL Spring Baseball season. We are working to set up a date with Academy for all MSCL participants which will grant a special 20% OFF coupon for all purchases.

We want to thank Academy for another great year of sponsorship of our league!

Middle School Coaches League Announcements

THURSDAY, MAY 5th, 2022

* All games are cancelled! 
Working on next weeks games now.  Top 4 in each division will be selected based on win percentage.  
* Please send scores to Michael Martorano following the conclusion of each game.
Michael Martorano

Michael Martorano

Michael Martorano

MSCL Commissioner

Phone: 901.422.1765

Mike Cornelius

Mike Cornelius

MSCL Commissioner

Phone: 901-229-2318

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Desoto Tournaments

Baseball. America's pastime. From enjoying a hot dog to participating in the 7th Inning Stretch, baseball is a central part of our culture.  DeSoto Tournaments offers youth recreational baseball tournaments for the Memphis, TN tri-state area in Olive Branch, MS.  Let DeSoto Tournaments help you introduce baseball tournaments and its camaraderie to your players. Our entire staff reinforces sportsmanship, integrity and fun. Our goal is for all of our participants to learn, understand and enjoy the victories as well as how to be  gracious and show good sportsmanship in defeat.

DesotoTourneys Desoto Tournaments DesotoTourneys

Bruce  McKim

Bruce McKim

Desoto Tournament Director

Phone: 901.335.2770

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KILLER Arm Strength Workout for Baseball Players